2022 Home Décor Ideas

21st February 2022
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Whether you’re planning to move soon or have already found your forever home, freshening up your interior is always a great idea. But where do you start? These are some simple tricks to make your rooms stand out – for all the right reasons.


Start with the areas you use most

Paying attention to how they could function better. For example, maybe you love your sitting room but can never find a comfortable, well-lit spot to read. In this case, consider adjusting the furniture to better use any available natural light or strategically position lamps to illuminate a dedicated reading nook.

Think about your theme

If several rooms need improving, think about a theme to guide the design. Clean, neutral tones and natural textures promote a feeling of space and airiness, so this might be a good place to start when browsing for inspiration. However, specific areas such as formal dining rooms and bathrooms may need a pop of vibrant colour or a richer, more elegant palette to match the vibe you need.


Smaller spaces can be more challenging.

Your downstairs cloakroom may be functional, but it can be interesting too. If it’s narrow and offers high ceilings, why not create a mini art gallery to give it a sophisticated touch?


Introduce texture

If you don’t want to redecorate the whole house, consider introducing texture and interest instead. Bed canopies, soft covers and throws, sheepskin rugs or a styled fireplace can add luxury to any room. Alternatively, playing with contrast and proportion can help you engage with spaces differently. Think oversized mirrors or introducing modern pieces against a period backdrop.


Call V&H Homes for free advice on maximising value

Getting the décor just right to attract buyers is essential if you’re looking to sell. Of course, there are many ways to style or stage your home. Luckily, our expert team can advise you on this.