There could be a host of reasons for you to consider downsizing. Your kids may have flown the nest, your garden may be too large, you may want to release some equity, reduce your monthly outgoings, or you are simply drawn to living in a smaller, more manageable property. Downsizing isn't just for retirement. It can be an important choice at any stage of your life, location, health or wealth. Whatever your reasons, whether you are a homeowner, a private tenant, living in a council or housing association accommodation, it's important to review the options before making your decision.
Think hard a carefully about how much you want to spend. It's easy to get carried away with that better and more attractive property, but don't forget you also have bills to pay when you move in! You might also consider renting as a short term option whilst you're saving a deposit. In which case, set you budget sensibly and you'll have more available to save each month.
Houses in multiple occupation are a great way for landlords to maximise property yields and improve cashflow. But are you aware that the law for HMO’s is changing?
With temperatures continuing to soar and the outlook for this to remain throughout the Summer, it's more important than ever to keep cool indoors. Take a look at our survival guide to keep your cool at home…
You will almost certainly have read about technological advances relating to driverless cars, flying taxis and hyperloops (a mode of transport that propels a pod at speeds of up to 760mph). Whilst these offer the tantalising prospect of alternatives to commuting on congested road networks, the most common futuristic tools you are likely to come across are available as smart upgrades to your home.
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Thinking of buying in 2018?

26th January 2018
If you are thinking that 2018 is the year you wish to purchase a property (especially first-time buyers who can still take advantage of the opportunity of the change of stamp duty for property under £500,000, read more here), there are a number of points that you should consider:

Merry Christmas from V&H Homes!

20th December 2017
This year has been an incredibly exciting one for the company. Despite an uncertain political climate, V&H Homes has driven ahead to complete its eight year as Ashtead’s top selling Estate Agent. We have built on our successful expansion into Fetcham, Leatherhead and Bookham, and opened a new office in Epsom.
For first time buyers, now is a wonderful opportunity to look for your first home after the Chancellor announced that stamp duty on properties under £300,000 has been abolished from 22 November 2017.

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