How do you know when its time to upsize?

19th January 2021
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Where our homes seemed bright and spacious during the summer while enjoying the sunshine outside, things can suddenly seem a whole lot more cramped when the colder weather forces us back inside, leading to the inevitable conclusion that we desperately need more space.

The idea of looking for a bigger home with more space often gives people concerns about how much it will cost to take on a larger property and whether the benefits outweigh this. While a higher cost is naturally unavoidable when beginning this house-hunting journey, it really can make a huge difference to you and your family’s lives, giving you all that little bit more room to grow.

Needing more room for family and friends to stay (and to escape them when needed)

Often one of the triggers that most often inspires the desire to move somewhere bigger is having guests come to stay for a visit, especially the in-laws. Suddenly, a home that once felt spacious seems that little bit too overcrowded when it has an extra person or two taking up space.

Wanting more space to create your individual ‘forever home’

Each of us have different priorities and visions when it comes to creating our true dream home. For some of us it’s a simple as wanting more storage at home while others dream of having a beautiful garden to enjoy or an extra bedroom. Often the trigger for wanting a bigger property is about giving yourself a fresh canvas to start creating that dream home for yourself.

Desiring flexible space at home that can suit every need

Having that extra bedroom is probably the most common motivation people have for deciding to upsize, mainly because of the flexibility it allows. The room can simply be left as a spare bedroom for guests or a new flatmate, but equally it could also become storage space, a room to workout in or even a dressing room.

Dreaming of a home that can grow alongside you and your family

Sometimes needing more room to grow isn’t always about moving to a ‘bigger’ house in the literal sense. It’s also about choosing a property that has the potential to grow and change as and when you need it to, whether that’s being able to extend and build onto the existing home or converting rooms to fill a different function as and when your life changes.

Is it time for you to upsize?

It’s likely that all of us, at some point or another, will start to have that niggling feeling that we are running out of space and it’s time to look for something new. While moving home isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, it’s always worth focussing on the positives and not just the worries and concerns we all have when taking that next step. 

While everyone’s motivations can be different, if some of these triggers sound familiar to you, it may be time to start thinking about whether now is the time to look for a place with a little more room to grow.